Servicing IT equipment:

  • short response time,
  • acceptable prices
  • spare parts in stock

We are servicing personal computers, monitors, servers, printers- both laser and matrix, and other IT equipment.

Our established network of suppliers of original and adequate spare parts for repairing IT equipment, allows us to provide on-time and adequate servicing for our customers. The quality and time required for repair are very important for our clients as well as for us, but in the case of prolonged time for repair, we offer corresponding device for temporary use until Yours device is repaired.

We have all necessary tools and equipment for servicing various types of IT devices, and we continuously complete and upgrade it according to the needs of our clients.

Our clients from Skopje can optionally choose whether  they want their devices to be collected and returned to them by us.

For our clients outside of Skopje we can provide transportation of their equipment  in cooperation with related delivery company.